Who Comes out of a Retirement Meeting Happy?!

7 12 2007

We’ve all heard the statistics from a 401K or similar meeting at work. Start putting away for retirement early. It’s something like, put in $2 per week starting when you are 21 and you’ll be a millionaire in 5 years. Or, wait until you are 40, and you can put in $1,000 per week and still be broke at age 65. Okay, those are exaggerations, but you get the point. Here’s what the different age groups are thinking while receiving this information:

20-somethings: “I’d like to start a 401K, but Pizza Hut keeps upping their prices. Oh, and the Kanye West cd is out; I have to get that!”

40-somethings: “It’s too late. I might as well just accept the fact that I’ll be one of those 75-year-old greeters at Wally World just trying to make ends meet.”

No one leaves those meetings happy, do they? (Unless your company gives you a HUGE match, that is!)