Hair: All a Dad Really Needs

19 03 2010
  • My four year old daughter’s first words to me this morning were, “I love you Dad.”  After returning the sentiment, I asked what it is she likes about me. She said, after a moment’s pause, “Your hair looks good.”  If only I’d known it could be so simple.  I could have saved myself the stress of worrying about being a good role model, setting boundaries and providing some tough love when necessary.  All I really needed was to make sure I have enough hair gel.
  • Cheating on Sandra Bullock is kind of like having a brand new Porsche and thinking, “This car just isn’t good enough.”
  • Hurray for the “little guy.”  Go Murray State and Ohio University.  Keep up the good work in the NCAA tournament!
  • I’m so thankful for my wonderful family.  I had lunch with most of late mother’s sisters and one of her brothers and one of my cousins this past week.  They are wonderful, open-hearted people, and it’s like being able to have lunch with my mom again.  Like many whose parents have passed, I wish I would have had lunch with my mom more often than I did as an adult (especially if she had made it…mmm!), but there are so many similarities between my mother and her sisters that I feel blessed to have the aunts still in my life.  (One of them gave me some holy water to use on my swollen legs, which I thought was very touching!
  • I love that spring is near and that it is sunny and 70 degrees here today.  Cardinal baseball can’t be too far away.
  • I resisted the Facebook craze for a long time and still find myself annoyed at status updates like, “I’ve been cleaning my floors today” or messages giving me the thrilling news that someone scored 8 billion points on a game called “Pork N Bean Shuffle.”  However, I am really enjoying a couple of rekindled high school friendships and am thankful to Facebook for them.  With all the crappy news we hear every day, it’s nice to know there are still some good people out there.



3 responses

19 03 2010

I love the Sandra Bullock quip.

Murray is my Alma Matter, and also the town in which I work. GO RACERS!

Patti’s! YUM! It’s been way too long since I’ve been there.

Our vacation this year is to STL, and we’re going to a Cardinal’s game. Can’t wait.

There is an option to block the game apps, (or any other fb apps) from your newsfeed. It’s saved me tons of time, because I really don’t care if my friends whacked someone on mob wars or shovelled chicken crap on farmville.

21 03 2010
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

“pork and bean shuffle”?
I was going to comment, but it looks like I have to totally beat that score.

I Kid.
All games (except bejeweled) are blocked from my newsfeed. Why? Because I don’t care about your farm, mafia, fishbowl, etc.

29 07 2010

Hi, Matt. I think of you from time to time, and hope you’re doing OK. Just thought I’d check in. I facebook much more than I blog these days. Take care.

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