Swelling Update & Other Goofy Tidbits

9 02 2009
  • Swelling: It’s been a  couple of months (almost) since my trip to Mayo Clinic, and my local doctor is working with me on their recommendations.  Overall, I’ve lost about 15 of the 45 lbs of swelling that I had.  The progress has been slow and with a few ups and downs, but it’s heading in the right direction – giving me great hope.  I’m moving a little better and looking slightly less freakish, but I’m not yet at a point of being able to return to my “normal” life (which would probably still be a bit abnormal to most, but that’s a different story).   There is a very recent possibility as far as a potential cause that I discovered quite by accident.  It’s possible that another medicine that no doctor even remotely suspected could have something to do with the swelling.  This is something SO recent that I’m not going to bother going into detail here, but after a few days off of it, I’m seeing a little better progress each day.   Anyway, the news is good right now…slow, but good.
  • From Cool to Tool:  It’s funny how things can go from being “awesome” to “dorky” in a relatively short time.  Parachute pants, jeans jackets, the Men Without Hats’ tune Safety Dance and the use of “air quotes” are good examples.  To me, the Blue Tooth headset has joined this sad list.  I’m not bashing anyone who really needs to use one, and I understand they can be effective tools in some situations. However,  speaking of tools, that’s exactly what I think when I see a dude walking around outside and talking loudly with that dorky-looking thing stuck on his ear – what a tool.  I think they have gone from cutting edge, status symbol territory into something that losers THINK makes them look cool.  Who is with me on this?  I’m really curious.
  • Kid update: My three and a half year old girl, who seems to think she is about 12, continues to be the light of my life.  Sadly, she currently believes that she is the funniest person on earth whenever she inserts the word poop into a song.  Example:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little POOP! She may not have the most sophisticated style of humor yet, but she continues to amaze me in other ways.  She very much enjoyed watching Charlotte’s Web.  The ending, of course, lead to a discussion about death.  (Spoiler alert if you still do not know what happens at the end).  She asked questions about why Charlotte had to die.  We talked about living a long life and how people go to heaven.  First, she wanted to know if her dog would go to heaven.  Since everyone knows that they do, I answered in the affirmative.  She then asked if she could live with Mommy and Daddy when she goes to heaven after she gets old.  I’m not sure how her future husband might feel about this, but I answered with a firm yes once again.  She then got a sad look on her face and said, “I don’t want Mommy to die.”  I hugged her tightly and again assured her this would not happen for many, many, many years.  Before her mother could get a big head about this, my daughter quickly added that she didn’t want “Elizabeth” (a friend of hers) to die either.
  • On the “scary” front: I’m looking forward to attending a midnight premiere of the new Friday the 13th movie this week with a few other horror lovers.  I’m intrigued by the fact that it appears to be a re-imaging of certain elements from several of the first few Friday the 13th films as opposed to just the first one.  Anyone else love these old, dumb scary movies?  Also, who else has seen the reality, contest show called 13:  Fear Is Real?  It has some of the same cheesiness as other reality shows (most of which I detest), but I can’t help having a soft spot for this one.  The reason is that my nephews, friends and I made “scary tapes” as kids.  They were cassette tapes that instructed the “victims” (we took turns being victimized) what to do and where to go in the woods.  We did them at night, of course, and they actually were pretty scary some times.  Even so, it was always more fun making the tapes than doing them.  We enjoyed creating new characters and embellishing upon them in future tapes.  Some of our favorites included:  Slicer Dicer, Harry Maniac, Rickety Inflictor and Brat & Splat who were evil conjoined twins).  Well, someone with a MUCH higher budget has turned this type of idea into a reality show.  It’s fun if you like horror stuff.



12 responses

9 02 2009
Stephanie of Stopbouncing

so good to hear that you’ve lost a third of your wonder.

Thanks for the update 🙂

10 02 2009

The bluetooth thing got me too: Five Rules of Bluetooth Headset Usage. Mine died awhile back, and I just can’t decide if it will ever look normal, or always be right there with parachute pants. – Tim

11 02 2009

Yeah! 15 lbs out of the 45 lbs you’ve carried for a very long time seem like a friggin’ miracle! Seems like you are on the right track. Yeah twice!!!

Talking about death and young children, a friend of mine got leukemia. At the time, her two kids were 18 months and 5 year old. She spent 5 months in the hospital but attained remission. She still to this day has strong odds of relapsing.
Three years later, her family was in Spain vacationing, and her 42 year old husband got a heart attack while windsurfing and died, completely out of the blue.
Try to explain the concept of death to these poor kids.

3 03 2009
Sherri Cornelius

So so so glad you may have found the cause of your swelling, Matt. I can imagine your relief.

As far as your daughter’s bathroom humor goes, my daughter also went through that “twinkle twinkle little poop” phase. (Actually, she’s still in it at 5yo. Maybe it’s not a phase after all, just bad parenting.) I’m thinking your daughter will grow out of it just fine.

16 03 2009

You nailed the Blue Tooth thing on the head. I have to drive through Spokane at least twice a day and it’s illegal to drive and talk without a hands-free device. So….everyone walks around with them in their ear. I can never tell if they are talking to me or someone in their ear.

Glad to hear the swelling is on it’s way down.

18 03 2009

Nathalie’s comment has me headed to the pharmacy for a handful of Prozac. However, first I wanted to mention that your little girl is right on track with her comedy — it IS funny whenever the word Poop is inserted in any song. It is also funny to sing Jesus Loves Me whenever you have the hiccups, but I grew out of that one, it’s just for kids.

24 03 2009

Hey, it’s been awhile since you’ve posted. How are you feeling?

2 04 2009

Duuuude, time for an update!!! 🙂

6 04 2009

Amen to Nathalie and Jenefur’s comments. (I tend to read your blog to my wife, and she finds it much funnier than my own writing. I’m not sure how I feel about this.) – Tim

21 04 2009

I would like to point out that it has been over two months since you have posted. Just saying.

27 05 2009

Three months. Not that I’m counting.

2 06 2009

On “Swelling”: I can definitely relate to horrible side-effects. I have to take medication for mental illness, every day. It’s a hit-and-miss science–I can’t recall how many different medications have had far worse side-effects than my illness, itself.

On “From Cool to Tool”: I’m with you on that. I’ve never heard of a Bluetooth Headset. But from the context, it must be some cellphone appendage. I despise, not cellphones, but abuse of them. Yet, since I don’t know anyone who doesn’t abuse cellphones, I consider the cellphone one of the worst inventions ever. My parents gave me a cellphone for Christmas once–even though I had told them I did not want a cellphone. Their intentions were good, but “the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Finally, after two years, they asked me to give it back to them, since I’d never used it. And I gladly did so!

On “Kid update”: That’s why I love kids (though I have none, of my own)! They say whatever is on their minds–they’re far more honest than we!

On “On the ‘Scary’ Front”: I liked “Friday the 13th” too, when I was younger.
But now it seems unoriginal and senseless, to me. I love horror films, as long as they’re not just horror films. My favorites include “Interview with the Vampire,” “Ghost Story”, “The Sixth Sense”, “The Shining” (Kubrick’s version), “The Vanishing” (the original, French/Dutch version), “Hellraiser”–and, of course, Hitchcock’s “Psycho”.

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