I Kissed an Earl: The Video

29 08 2008

My nephew and I couldn’t just leave well enough alone with the parody lyrics we’ve been working on.  So, we recruited our friend, Harfax to record a few of them.  He is “talented” and has been “involved” in music for many years now.  The first video is done.  Also, thanks to Dead Charming for not only tolerating the song but promoting it!  Click on the video at your own risk!




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30 08 2008

Well. Ahem. I was just twittering about this yesterday, i.e., would everyone be so warmly receiving of a boy singing that he kissed a boy. And here we have it.

Very clever. (Having grown up in the era and the area of American Bandstand, when reviewing a song, I always have to say, “It’s got a good beat; I’d dance to it.”

30 08 2008

I’m not sure there’s anything “warm” about the reception, but I agree about the dance beat!
Thanks for stopping by.

31 08 2008

My 18 year old son and I cracked up and watched it twice.

1 09 2008

That was great! 😆 I loved the drawings too… 🙂

Nice blog! Mind if I take a look around?

2 09 2008
Taoist Biker

You said “Boobies.” *snicker*

9 09 2008

Okay, so I caught myself singing your version of this song at work yesterday. Not Kosher.

10 09 2008

Hey, I know I haven’t been reading you long, but I subscribed and I totally love it here. So…I have an award for you on my blog. Come get it!

11 09 2008

That was AWESOME. I’ve been waiting to watch it for a long time, I had to get new speakers for the ‘puter. Wow. I’m really glad I didn’t attempt to watch it at work, due to the graphic nature of the BOOBIES art.

12 09 2008

Hey Everyone,
There is a charity auction taking place that all of you My Name Is Earl fans will love. The auction supports a fantastic charty called Food On Foot. The lucky winning bidder of the auction will recieve a Silent Walk On Roll to the set of My Name Is Earl. For all of the auction details visit http://www.auctionwire.com/foodonfoot. The auction starts Friday Septmeber 12th, 2008 and will run for 10 days. Check it out!

17 09 2008

Hey Matt! I found the video Harfax posted on his blog before reading yours and was getting ready to call the internet police on him for ripping you off. Glad it ain’t the case!
Sorry not to have kept in touch for a while – I was out of the country. How are ya?

20 10 2008

That was great! I am still humming the tune in my head. I think I will listen again!

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