Travelin’ Man: Secret Location

29 05 2008

Our family will be on a trip for a week, and I’m willing to give a gakrillion (fake) dollars to the first person who can figure out the exact city we will be visiting. The (fake) prize will be sent telepathically, and this blogger is not responsible for anyone who is unable to receive the transmission. Here are the clues about the state and city.


  • In the mid 1700s, many of the wealthiest people in what would later become the United States traded rice and indigo in this area.
  • The state we will visit suffered greatly from the boll weevil in the past.
  • The state has a college named in such a way that you might think it would not be safe to camp there (at least not in the 80s, and not if you want to avoid crazed, fictional killers).


  • This place was named after an English sea captain who “claimed” the area for Britain. It had previously been most often under Spanish control.
  • The first phone was installed here in 1960.
  • A portion of the movie, The Longest Yard (the original) was filmed here.

For more clues, visit my wife’s blog. Good luck. We’ll be back in a week or so!




12 responses

29 05 2008
Where in the (Continental) U.S. Am I? « That’s What She Blogged

[…] more clues, visit my husband’s blog.  Good luck, and see you in about a […]

29 05 2008

Maza, North Dakota!

30 05 2008

I don’t know what city you’re going to, but I’d bet money it’s in South Carolina! Mum grew up there, in Charleston.

30 05 2008

I will guess Pheonix. Do I get a prize?

J/k… You guys have a great week in the Carolinas

31 05 2008

dc nu vrei sa te inpaci cu mine

1 06 2008


1 06 2008

wait, i forgot to include the city 😛

St. Simon’s Island, Georgia?

2 06 2008

Hilton Head, South Carolina…
commented on allisons blog about the family photo around the Neptune Sundial…friends of mine spent their anniversary there and have the exact same picture!!!

5 06 2008
brad bobo

You are somewhere on the coast of Georgia….. or possibly Florida. Can’t pinpoint the city yet without some research.

5 06 2008
brad bobo

Hilton Head!…. oh well I was close

14 06 2008

Hilton Head, it was! Thanks for the guesses.

14 06 2008

p.s. For anyone who read my most recent blog and is wondering why I would have gone on vacation at this point, the trip was planned as part of a big family reunion type thing about a year ago, and was mostly paid for at that time.

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