A Swell(ing) Journey: Part VIII No Resolution

1 05 2008

I had hoped to be posting a “resolution” by now. Sorry for the delay: 1. I’ve been in a waiting game to see if medication changes would help or even solve the swelling situation. 2. Unfortunately, there is no resolution to post because it’s not better.

Some of the swollen skin is turning more reddish colors than the azaleas that are blooming around here. The local doctor today stated: “This is the most unusual thing I’ve seen. We can’t let it go on like this.” He suggested I head to Nashville and Vanderbilt University to see a specialist. I whole-heartedly agreed. I won’t know for a day or so when that will be. I’m starting to think I need a tour bus. Then again, I don’t think ghastly swollen guys traveling around to see doctors would draw groupies like rock bands do.

In the meantime, Doc took a skin biopsy today, and the results will hopefully come Monday. That may at least give a hint as to what might be going on, and was an interesting little process. It was sort of like when lawn care guys aerate your yard by taking little plugs out of the yard/soil, except this time, it was a small circle of flesh being removed from my leg! It really didn’t hurt much and was quick, but the sucker sure took its sweet time before it stopped bleeding! There is still some hope that it could simply be some sort of weird medication reaction, but he mentioned the possibility of a few scarier things today. No need to speculate or go into those at this point.

On a positive note, he again spent a great deal of time with me and seemed optimistic about the people at Vanderbilt. He said they’ve pretty much seen every odd sort of ailment there is and very well could identify the problem. For those of you out West or East, Vanderbilt is kind of the “Harvard of the Midwest.” Also, he was adamant that he would send all the required documentation to the insurance company that runs my short-term disability policy (they had gotten a bit pickier, shall we say, about extending my benefit a while longer, but his documentation should solve that little stressor.)

Anyway, I wish I had some funny, upbeat, silly things to write regarding this situation. Basically, it’s getting really old, and I’m sure it is for anyone who reads this as well, but I thought it was time to post an update. I truly appreciate your thoughts, prayers, chants, candlelight vigils, voodoo rituals, tarot card readings, potato chips that look like presidents’ heads, and any magical jumping beans that might be able to predict the future. Hmm, I may have jumped the shark there. One thing’s for sure; about half my body has.




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2 05 2008
Taoist Biker

Damn, when I saw you had a new post I was hoping for good news. But like you, I’ve heard fantastic things about the folks at Vandy, so I’ll cross my fingers for you that they give you something useful. Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe a DIAGNOSIS for once.

Strength and good wishes to you and the family.

2 05 2008

Keeping up the hopes and prayers until the issue is resolved. Although, I have put aside a few potato chips that look like celebrities (Jay Leno, Sylvester Stallone…) so maybe those will do the trick. 😉

2 05 2008

You’re my favorite swollen uncle.

2 05 2008

You’re my favorite swollen husband.

2 05 2008

Thanks, all. I’m glad I’m a few people’s favs, but my swollen appendages are not my current favorite appendages!

3 05 2008

Thank goodness you finally posted! I don’t care if it’s good news, bad news, whining, crying, complaining, pissing, dissing, I’m just glad for an update. It would not bother me in the least if you started documenting bowel movements, I would read each and every one and make my own amateur medical diagnosis.

If they don’t find a solution within a week at Vanderbilt I think you should get into a Peterbilt and head for Mayo Clinic. If they should send you to NYU or anywhere on the East Coast, I’m making my son’s room downstairs available to you! We are less than 10 miles from the ocean and you could hang out there in between visits. I would not make this offer available to my own family members, but your kid is adorable and I know Allison is very neat.

But I hope you get it fixed and don’t have to rent the truck. And please keep updating — you don’t have to be funny or upbeat. Pissing and moaning just makes me feel better about my own life, so it’s really like a public service announcement when people do that — which you never do.

3 05 2008

At this point you really should print off this series of blog posts and send it to the writers of House.

3 05 2008

You’re my favorite swollen cousin’s spouse. I’m sending positive thoughts your way, Matt. May the people at Vanderbilt bring a ready resolution!

4 05 2008

Oh! That’s frustrating. I hope they’ll take good care of you at Vandy and figure out some solutions. And I agree with Stacey; House can fix you.

8 05 2008

I know I’m a little late but that Vanderbilt place sounds very promising; I hope you’re feeling better soon but in the meantime it’s nice to hear an update from you! 🙂

8 05 2008

Thanks all for your thoughts and even offers to stay over…lol! I’m just waiting to hear from Vandy and then I should have an update.

10 05 2008

You’re my favorite swollen blogger.

14 10 2008
Bill Howdle

I have just come across your blog but will be returning to read more. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I know the waiting the not knowing is by far the hardest part. When you are a patient it does seem you need a lot of patience.
Keep up the positive attitude.

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