A Whole New Meaning to “Reach Out and Touch Someone”

14 04 2008

Many of you have probably heard the big news story from the past couple of days, that a significant number of high school girls are sending nude pictures of themselves, via cell phone, to high school boys (who are no doubt sharing the photos with an even more significant number of friends).

My Public Response:

This is an outrage. As a good citizen and parent, I want this to be stopped immediately. It is immoral, and something must be done!

My Private Response:

Where the hell were picture phones when I was in high school?! The most my hormone-injected self could hope for was a cute girl in a skirt on a really windy day. Wait, let me think deeper here. For every cute cheerleader/homecoming court member, there is a not-so-cute algebra club member (I know, I know, there COULD be a cute girl in an algebra club. Heck, my beautiful wife was on some academic debate thing-a-ma-jig. I would have killed for a photo “call” from her back then. I mean, except that she is quite a few years younger than I am, so forget I said that.) I probably wouldn’t have gotten many of the Buffy’s, Keri’s, and Beth’s of my school. I would have gotten the Helga’s and Gertrude’s. Can’t you just picture boys comparing phone pics the way my generation compared baseball cards?

Boy 1: “Dude, I got an Amy and a Christie today!”

Boy 2: “Oh gross, I only got a Martha.

Further proof that we are the strangest “animal” on the planet.

(and we thought THIS was hot back in the day)




17 responses

14 04 2008

You’re right, things have definitely changed. I remember my dad getting the new Sears catalog in the mail, which was exciting for two reasons: the toy section, and the women’s underwear section.

14 04 2008

Luke, I think I tried ordering from both of those sections, but I’m pretty sure my mom did not follow through on my requests.

14 04 2008
T.J. Philips

Nice post.
Your page looks familiar…could we both be using the same theme?

14 04 2008
Peter Parkour

If I had todays technology when I was a teen, I’m not sure I would have ever left the house. As jealous as my inner teen is, I wonder what kind of impact this is going to have on our future. These are the leaders of tomorrow after all. 😕

14 04 2008

T.J. You have good taste in page layouts, man!

Peter: Scary thought. Not much is left to the imagination anymore, eh?

14 04 2008

Just another reason to ground my unborn children.

14 04 2008
kara carson

Oh, how you made me laugh! Thanks for the laughter after a long, tiring day!!

15 04 2008

I’m with Stacey. We need to ground our children BEFORE they get a chance to breath on their own!

15 04 2008
The contemporary meaning of “Getting in touch” « Life 2 Live

[…] contemporary meaning of “Getting in touch” This post expresses how new tech-goodies, as superhficial a they may be, are affecting today’s […]

15 04 2008

At the risk of taking this into too serious a tone… (not usually an issue for me)

With one son now a sophomore in college, and the other a junior in HS, we have had a front-row seat to the influx of cell phone and internet technology in the lives of the average teenager. I deal with this in a couple of ways.

First, I long ago established Ronald Reagan’s “Trust but verify” strategy, but use it with my sons instead of with the Soviets. Prior to that, we already had long-established lines of communication. That’s important, because you can’t just suddenly spring that on a teenager when you realize that there may be trust issues.

Second, I try to immerse myself, to the greatest extent possible, in the same technology that they’re using. I have a Facebook page, and both of my sons (voluntarily) friended me. I was using text messaging on my cell phone long before they had their own, so I already knew some of what to expect. In short, I’ve made sure that their “world” is a place I’m already familiar with.

These are confusing times for parenting teens, but I’m not convinced that it’s impossible to help them navigate through the mess. – Tim

P.S. Please don’t consider any of this to be bragging. It’s more of “one beggar showing another where he found bread.” When my youngest son finishes college and we’re still talking, then I’ll feel qualified to boast about my parenting.

15 04 2008

Some boys in school around here have been arrested for posting on the net pictures that girls have sent to them or their boyfriends. Time sure have changed

15 04 2008

Romi in high school (if she could do it all over again): “ooooh, I got my Justin and my Pablo and my Brady and my Jake today…..and hey: can I trade you my Rajeev for your Brad? ” (I’m allowed to say that ’cause I’m brown…lol… 😉 )

15 04 2008

I’m with you. Publicly outraged, privately envious. …It smarts all that much more knowing that I would have only had been presented with the Marthas and Olgas of my class if we’d had cellphones.

16 04 2008

Very entertaining, Matt:)

I’m planning on getting my certification as a private detective before the girl becomes a teenager. I did a good job spying on the son, but things have gotten even more complicated.

For example, when we put spyware on his computer he eventually discovered it and managed to completely mess it all up (note my use of technical terms!)

16 04 2008
Pammy Girl

What’s stopping you from using that technology right now? I’m sure Allison would be more than happy to comply. We, the former high school dorks (Quiz Bowl, Spanish Club, Young Democrats), probably look a helluvalot better now than we ever did back in the day.

Luke: The women’s underwear section from Sears? That really is very sad… please tell me it isn’t true.

3 05 2008

I think the same thing about the teacher-student thing that is happening all too much. The thinking part of me says “that’s terrible, criminal, wrong”. The hormone side of me says, “hey, where was she when I was in junior high?”

8 05 2008

Here in Guatemala, a couple of years ago, a young college student who worked at one of the major mobile carriers in the country was photographed by her then boyfriend, via cell phone and digital carrier. Once the romance was over, the pictures were made public. Just google Chica Tigo on the image search. It was a sexy outrage!

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