A Swell(ing) Journey Part V

28 03 2008

Wednesday brought another road trip to Louisville. This time, it was to have a CT scan with contrast/dye. The previous scans were done without the contrast in an effort to avoid the dye that can be harmful to kidney patients. However, the transplant surgeon felt there was a good chance that the cause of my swelling had not yet been found because no contrast had been used.

So, I spent a 10-hour day in a hospital bed, hooked to an IV, which provided pre-dye and post-dye protection for my kidney. Despite some confusion at the hospital, the scan was completed. I received results today. The good news is, the dye seems to have done nothing bad to my kidney. The crappy, frustrating news is, this test still did NOT reveal any possible cause for the swelling.

At this point, the doctors are consulting and working on other possible causes while I hobble around like an ogre. Someone is supposed to call me Monday to tell me what to do next, which could be to see a urologist. All the “obvious” potential causes have been ruled out. I mentioned “Filariasis” to my transplant nurse during a lengthy phone conversation this afternoon. This is a weird condition I found while searching online that can cause swelling. It occurs when a human gets worms in their lymph nodes. I don’t feel like I have worms, but, hey, who knows what this is? Anyway, the nurse did not seem to think this was very likely. Her response to me: “Matt, get off the internet…now.” I did…except to write this short blog, of course. She is probably right. Upon further inspection, those worms are generally only a problem in tropical countries I’ve never visited. I guess the worms around here are not attracted to lymph nodes.




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28 03 2008
Black Coffee & Bourbon

Nothing like trying to self diagnose! Stay away from Web MD. 🙂

I hope they figure out what’s causing your problems soon. It must be very frustrating, but you seem to have a positive outlook, which is good!

Maybe you got worms from an expired egg… you never know! 😛

29 03 2008

When this is over and they figure this thing out, I think you should seriously consider documenting your story and sending it to the writers of House.

30 03 2008

It’s totally reasonable to start diagnosing yourself when the experts are failing. But worms? You may have been spending too much time at home with the dog. Although I must admit there are fantastic pictures on-line documenting people who’ve gone through cleanse procedures and had the most incredible stuff come out their ass.

I bet if you detailed all your symptoms in a blog your readers could come up with 50 more possibilities, thus driving your doctors insane. As long as you have to hobble I think they should be discomfited as well.

My hairdresser once diagnosed his boyfriend appropriately, when the doctors couldn’t, hinging on the fact that the guy could still get an erection.

5 04 2008

STILL no answers? I hope they figure out things soon so you can start getting better.

5 04 2008

This must be extremely frutrating for you! I hope they figure this all out soon. You and your family are in my thoughts.

6 04 2008

Crap, they used the dye and still no answer! Hmm….hmm…well I’m glad the clever nurse ruled out the tropical-worm disease, but I hope you find out what this is very soon!

*sending good thoughts* 🙂

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