A Swell(ing) Journey Part III

3 03 2008

The MRI was finally approved by my insurance company. I’ll be having it this afternoon. It will take a day (or maybe two) to get results and then decide what can be done. I’ll let you guys know. Thanks again for the positive thoughts.

looks like a good time!




13 responses

3 03 2008
Maggie, dammit

Praying for you, pal.

3 03 2008

My claustraphobia would keep me from crawling in to that thing. I hope House gets this figured out soon!

4 03 2008
Taoist Biker

Definitely thinking good thoughts for you.

4 03 2008

Wow. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

4 03 2008

If I check back for updates more often than I already am, I’m afraid I’m going to start looking like a stalker.

5 03 2008

I hope it turns out to be an M&M deficiency. hang in there.

5 03 2008

MRI results convinced them to repeat one of the other tests I had already had. That test pretty much convinced the Radiology place that there is nothing wrong with the vascular/circulatory system. So, the mystery remains. I’m waiting to hear where we go from here.

5 03 2008

Update: Higher dose of the medicine and new lab work Monday morning. They want to see what this dose does in relation to my weight/swelling/kidney function. If no improvement on Monday, it sounds like it’s hospitalization time. They seem to be back to suspecting a kidney issue, even though previous labs have been okay. This was a bit of a bummer to hear, but it’s definitely time to get this thing figured out, even if it’s not great news.
I really appreciate the nice comments from everyone. I certainly didn’t plan on this blog being a health diary all about me when I started it, but everyone has been great. Since I blogged about it all to start with, I figure I have to keep up with the updates. I guess the next time there might be something new would be Monday.

5 03 2008

I hope they figure it out soon! Feel better!

5 03 2008

Oh no! I hope everything comes out looking good! I’ll be thinking of you and your family. Please do keep us updated.

5 03 2008

Thanks so much for the update, and of course we’ll all be thinking of you until the next one 🙂

6 03 2008

Keep us updated and we’ll keep praying. I think you’re better off without House at this point.

11 03 2008

Oof. I hate expensive medical procedures. Glad your insurance is covering it!

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