They Are As Bad As We Are

2 03 2008

Recently, my wife wrote that she might be more like a guy than she had thought. Apparently, so is her office mate (who presents as very feminine and nice).
My wife was on the phone at work, getting some needed information from a male at some place of business. While on hold, my flirtatious sweet wife mentioned to her office mate that the man had a very nice voice.

Without missing a beat, the office mate, who has seen the man, stated, “Oh, he’s UGLY.” She did not stop there (certainly egged on by my wife). She added, “His face looks like a large animal stepped on it.”

Yes, they can have their “Guy Cards” now.




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2 03 2008

I’m always amazed by the fact that a person’s voice never matches their face. And also by the brutal things that we all can say, things we would be mortified to be CAUGHT saying if the person we were talking about ever heard us. Even when I know my cell phone is off, there are times I must check it three or four times because I am so guilt-filled over the nonsense that comes out of my mouth!

2 03 2008

Hahaha…good for her on earning the “guy card”!!…there are SO many ways for guys to get their guy-cards though, it’s terrible…like one is “butter-face”..i.e..:

Guy 1: “Yeah, she’s definitely hot”
Guy 2: “Really?”
Guy 1: “Sure…everything “but-her” (butter) face”


2 03 2008

hehe, that is so funny! I do feel sorry for the ugly guy though.

3 03 2008
Maggie, dammit


I love the artwork.

For a minute there I was worried you were gonna say he was on speaker phone, though.

3 03 2008

Ha! That’s normally followed up by, “Yeah, but is he rich?”

4 03 2008
Amoeboid Blurry Smile

I really like the lettering here.

Umm. Seriously. That might sound like it is sarcastic. I do like it. I draw stuff that way ’cause I like the way it looks. There’s also the fact that I can’t make it look otherwise but I count that as just the universe being set up all to make my life excellent. Not that I’m opposed to freedom or anything like that. I’m in favour of it though I’m not keen on apple pie. I like cherry or blueberry pie better.

5 03 2008

I think I was issued my guy card when I was four years old and developed a lifelong aversion to shopping. If not then, probably the first time a guy saw my DVD collection. (I swear 300 is pretty good.)

10 03 2008

The best one I ever heard was “Her face looks like a mold for gorrilla biscuits”
A woman using that one followed by a good belch & a fart would defifitely get a guy card.
I love your bloggy humor, You’ve earned a place on my Blogroll
Regards from Tasmania
Tony M “-)

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