A Swell(ing) Journey Part II

26 02 2008

I trekked to Louisville with my sister this morning (thanks again, sis) and saw a specialist about the health mystery I’m experiencing. To make a long story short, she (the doc) stated the swelling is “severe” and “serious” and consulted with several other doctors there before deciding on the next step.

The consensus is that there is a good chance the problem is one of the things that I was already tested for last week (the CT scan that was done) and that the test just did not show the problem (a possible blockage in blood flow in a vein in or around the abdomen known as the inferior vena cava). Therefore, they want an MRI done. (Apparently mine is very inferior at the moment.)

This has to be approved by my insurance company first, and that was not successful today (oh joy). A doctor from my insurance company has to contact my doctor to talk about it, and then it should be approved. I’m starting to feel important, like I can say, “I’ll have my people talk to your people…” However, I would gladly go back to being unimportant me who is able to do things like walk around. The insurance/doctor’s office conversation will hopefully occur tomorrow. Then, I can have the test done and go from there. For now, it’s back at home…and wait.

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I’ll put an update once they know what the heck this is.

“This Matt dude is messed up. He doesn’t think we can FIX THAT, does he? lol”




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26 02 2008

I don’t know which is more stressful, having a mystery disease or dealing with health insurance companies.

Feel better soon!

26 02 2008

I hear people knock the military health system all the time, even military members. But a military member never had to wait on approval from an insurance company. If the doctor thinks a test might have the tiniest chance of showing something, you get the test, even if they have to fly you to another state with the appropriate doctor or machine.

With my problems, I’ve been flown from Texas to Washington and not only did it not cost me a thing or require special approval, but I get paid to travel.

27 02 2008

Thinking of you!!

27 02 2008

Sending tons of unswelling thoughts and well wishes.

27 02 2008

Would you pass this on to your insurance company for me, please?

“Listen, you s*itheads. Stop f*cking around already.”


27 02 2008
Taoist Biker

Yeah, health insurance is one of those things that makes me grit my teeth every time it’s mentioned. My wife briefly worked for an insurance company once, and I was deliriously happy when she quit and, as I told her, earned the right to reclaim her soul.

27 02 2008
Maggie, dammit

I was all set to rant about health insurance companies but it sounds like you might be OK in that department so I’ll shut up. I’m also shutting up because you are clearly a positive and grateful guy (I read the post you linked to) and that’s both impressive and humbling. So I’ll just sit here, quiet, and think good thoughts for you. So sorry you’re going through this, mate. 😦

27 02 2008

I hope that everything works out for you. I know how it feels to go through one test just to go through another, and another, and…another… That was a year and a half of my life, and so was several surgeries. Everything works out, though. And when you get really down– um, think of ways to make fun of your doctor? LoL


27 02 2008

Do. Not. Give. Up.

You have better language skills than most medical professionals…so the odds are that you will prevail. Sic your female doc on the doubting (likely a male?) doc and stand back to watch the white coat threads fly. In the meantime keep your sense of humor and get lots of hugs from your girls.

27 02 2008

I hope you have a resolution for the mystery soon! My thoughts are with you.

28 02 2008

I hope everything turns out well! Also, you were about an hour away from me in Louisville. I live in Kentucky!

28 02 2008

Thanks for the update. I’ll pray your minor flow turns major…or at least normal.

28 02 2008

No real update. I spoke by phone to both the insurance company, who is now waiting for my doctor to call, and my doctor’s office, who told me they are working on it. I have heard nothing this afternoon and am getting frustrated. I’ll post when there is anything new. Thanks, everyone, for the nice thoughts.

28 02 2008

You are keeping a great attitude, and with positive thoughts things will work out!

Sending you good thoughts 🙂

29 02 2008

Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way! Just stay positive whatever it takes.

29 02 2008

This makes me soooo angry I could cuss. I cannot believe your insurance has not approved your test. It is unconscionable and outrageous. Maybe they would like to pay your lost wages and the wages of those who are taking time off to help you out!
When it comes to someone’s life and health and bureaucracy getting in the way there is no excuse.
Maybe it it time for you to use your writing skills in protest and to call on a loved one versed in the law to intervene with a threat. (ok ok It may be a little early for that but I FEEL like they deserve a threatening letter.) I can’t believe you have to suffer through another weekend with an undiagnosed and debilitating illness while the insurance company pushes papers around.
I know you are frustrated because you are used to being the conductor and not the orchestra. You and Allison both like to be “in charge”
On a lighter note I understand your little one is wondering where John and I are because she seems to think she is on vacation. Cute!
Love ya. Hang in there. Keep us posted. We are wishin, hopin, thinkin, and prayin….Can’t help it I remember the sixties.

29 02 2008

How do I post my picture?

29 02 2008

Matt, there’s a true scene in the movie Sicko in which a family had a medical treatment denied. So the man wrote a letter to the president of the health insurance company explaining that Michael Moore was collecting horrible health insurance stories from people and was going to put them in his movie. Some weeks later the president called and said “I’m happy to report that the review of your case has come through and we will cover your…(whatever it was)”! You may have to resort to something like this, Matt. You’ve got the writing skills and the balls/humor to do this! (Everyone should see Sicko.)

29 02 2008

Hi again. In the interest of fair disclosure: Yes, the insurance would not approve it until one of their doctors could speak with my doctor. However, it is my understanding that the past 48 hours or so of delay has been more on the end of my doctor’s office not getting back to the insurance company. (The nurse I usually deal with there has been off since Monday, and that has been unfortunate for me.) I received a call from the doctor’s office this afternoon that they consulted about it and are working on it. However, it was too late to avoid another weekend of waiting. I have definitely been trying to stay on them. I’ve contacted them every day.
Becky: To the best of my knowledge, I think you would need to start a membership on here to have a pic? You should do a blog!
Bob and Becky, RE: writing letters, I think I might be “written out” from my experiences with my last insurance company. (Overall, things went well with them, but there were a rough few months during which I wrote several letters to them and also to one of our Senators, whose staff did respond but could not do a lot about it.)
p.s. To everyone else reading: Becky is my sister who gave a kidney to me! Again, this reminds me that I would not have survived the kidney disease if I had been born in about half of the countries of the world so I can only complain to a certain extent. This has gotten a bit ridiculous, however, as I sit and/or waddle around like a man made out of balloons.

1 03 2008

Matt, I think you should post a picture of your manballoon self so we can see you in your glory. Then we will have something to laugh at later when you are well again! Still praying for you.

2 10 2008
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