My Family Portrait

9 02 2008

Allison, my beautiful wife, draws pretty well. Our daughter enjoys watching Allison pencil pictures of our family. Check out Allison’s latest artwork by clicking here.

Then, tell me if my attempt below measures up. Which is better? I think it’s a close call.




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9 02 2008
My Family Portrait « That’s What She Blogged

[…] However, I can rest easily knowing that I am better than Matt.  See for yourself by clicking here. […]

9 02 2008

She’s better, dude. BUT, I saw hers first and thought, “Oh, that’s sweet.” Then I clicked over here and laughed out loud. So . . . if I were, say, gonna hang one on my wall, I’d go with yours. Maybe you two could do a “before and after” kinda thing. (Like, before and after . . . the tornado or the nap or whatever…)

9 02 2008

You drew yourself, and I hate to admit this, but you look kind of like my dad. I’ll provide photographic proof if you like…

9 02 2008

I said this to Allison too, compared to me, your both exceptional artists. I can’t even draw a stick figure accurately.

9 02 2008

You should try drawing with your other hand…lol!

9 02 2008

This is more like mine would look! But that’s okay because I’m sure that you, like myself, have other talents!

10 02 2008

If we’re looking for accuracy here, yours could possibly win if that crazy tornado hit your area along with a bolt of wild lightning, assuming the family was looking out a picture window during said storm.

10 02 2008

umm…it looks like your daughter has inherited your mangled teeth…that is unfortunate.

11 02 2008

Oh boy, this is tough…. Allison’s is sweet as is your’s

But, I fear the family took stimulants before you began drawing you portrait, giving you all slightly crazed, yet adoring smiles.

12 02 2008

I saw Allison’s first and then linked over to yours. Unfortunatly I was eating pretzels when your drawing popped up which caused me to start choking and then run out to find a water fountain. It was well worth it! I still periodically pull it up for a good laugh and it’s become one of my favorite posts of all time.

4 03 2008
Amoeboid Blurry Smile

I liked this picture too.

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