Mary Ann or Ginger: A Valentine’s Day Survey

1 02 2008

My wife and I created a Valentine’s Survey. Use it if you’d like. We’d love to see your answers!

1. Describe your favorite romantic/love scene from a movie.

I’ll go with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in Serendipity. They spend a long time looking for each other and finally get to kiss outside amongst falling snowflakes when they connect. (There is always that Phoebe Cates scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but I’m going for “romantic” here.) I’ll give a runner-up prize to the band chick and the dork in American Pie. You can’t beat her taking charge and ordering him to “Say my name, bitch!”

2. What was your worst Valentine’s Day experience?

Hmm, probably a first date with someone I thought I might like that I worked with. However, she turned out to be kind of scary needy. She had set up a hotel room for the night, but it was shared with her friend. When we got there, her friend and a guy were making out on one bed. My date went into the bathroom and came out in lingerie. OK, for the guys reading this, I’m sure you’re thinking, “where’s the bad part?” I’m telling you, there was nothing “hot” about this as she was very immature and annoying. I found some excuse to get out of there after awhile. I remember her saying, “I blew it, didn’t I?” which made me feel bad.

3. What is your favorite restaurant for a Valentine’s dinner out?

One in my hometown called The Cork and Cleaver. It’s intimate and has great steaks.

4. List a hot/romantic line from a song that you like.

Even though I’m mostly a rock guy, I like this one from an old Sinatra standard:

Who Cares to define, what chemistry this is, who cares with your lips on mine, how ignorant bliss is….so long as you kiss me, and the world around us shatters, how little it matters, how little we know.

5. What is the cheesiest aspect of Valentine’s Day?

The Valentine’s cards that say things like, “You’re my every heart beat.” Just once, I’d like to see one that says, “You really help with my digestion, honey.”

6. Did you have any elementary school traditions for Valentine’s Day?

We passed out Valentines to each other. I think we included candy. I hope we did. It was a Catholic School so we probably went to mass as well!

7. What fictional character do you have a crush on and why?

The original Charlie’s Angels. When I was a kid, I could barely handle it when it came on. I think my parents tried to keep it from me, but we all have our ways! I actually liked Jaclyn the best.

8. How old were you when you had your first, real kiss? Was it good or bad?

6th grade. It was pretty good!

9. Describe the most uncomfortable crush someone has had on you.

High School. I had a lot of phone calls from a girl who always said she needed help on a homework problem. The phone calls would last forever, with me saying very little. I recall literally being able to set the phone down to go get a drink, and she would still be blabbing when I picked the phone back up. I should have been more assertive.

10. How long did your first heartbreak last?

First time I felt “heartbroken” was back in elementary school so I don’t think it lasted more than a day.

11. Do you prefer to give/receive: a) jewelry b) chocolate c) lingerie d) tools

I like giving a, b and c.

12. If you are male, do you prefer Mary Ann or Ginger? If you are female, do you prefer McDreamy or McSteamy?

Mary Ann.

13. Would you rather be broken up with by: a) phone b) text message c) in person d) email e) carrier pigeon

Carrier pigeon. I’d have to give the chick credit if that happened. (Plus, you could get dumped and dumped on by the bird…that’s like killing two birds with one stone. Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

14. What is your favorite Valentine’s Day candy?

Peanut M&M’s (any color, even Valentine-colored.)




16 responses

1 02 2008

1. favorite romantic scene: In edward scissorhands when he has to go back to his old home. Sadness, but sincerity.
2. worst valentine’s: every one till I met my husband.
3.favorite restaurant for valentine’s dinner out: Sushi Tai because we love the sushi here.
4. hot/romantic line from a song: has no words. my husband is a musician and not a lyricist. my favorite is unspoken.
5. Cheesiest aspect of valentine’s day: faking it. It does have it’s ups, but the downs keep it in perspective.
6. elementary school traditions? Rediculous…unless you count running away from anyone who tried to kiss me on the playground a tradition.
7.fictional character I had a crush on? aqua man!! oddly enough, I married a man with dark, curly hair and webbed toes. Docs say it’s because the amniotic fluid didn’t make contact between his toes in the womb. I say it’s destiny. He’s a great swimer.
8.first real kiss??? it was horrible. I was 15 in the 10th grade. I just wanted to get it over with and kissed someone I didn’t really like. afriad to embarass myself with someone special…advice: embarass yourself with someone special.
9. worst crush someone else had on me? 20 years old, broke up with him…he became a stalker. I guess this wasn’t really a crush on me so much as his ego being wounded. The night he proposed (after we’d broken up) he smashed the vase of roses he brought me on the ground and pulled me down to push my face into the broken glass when security arrived at my apartment complex.
10. First heartbreak? lasted an eternity. Brett…he was adorable, but I was afraid to admit how much I liked him. Complete and utter heart throb. I’m sure I pushed him away with my insecurity.
11. Do you prefer to give/receive: a) jewelry b) chocolate c) lingerie d) tools
I don’t wear jewelry, try to avoid chocolate, does a sports bra count as lingerie???? omg, give and receive tools!!!
12. My husband prefers mary ann. I’m not familiar with Mc Steamy, so I have to go with Mc Dreamy by default.
13. Cute answer on your part…dumped by carrier pigeon. lol… but it doesn’t matter how for me. I can’t handle being dumped. I am awesome, you see? Noone dumps me!!! ok, crap…they have. I can’t handle it no matter what.
14. Favorite valentine’s candy is spiced hearts. I’d like to pretend I don’t have one, but it’s spiced hearts. Can’t resist em.

3 02 2008

mmmm…valentine’s day or not, I could eat a whole pound peanut M&M’s (much to the chagrin of my ass 😉 )

PS: I’ve been dumped on by a pigeon twice, and based on the fact that I burst into tears each time, I don’t think I could’ve handled being “dumped” as well… 😦

4 02 2008
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4 02 2008

Kim, I love Edward Scissorhands. There are many great scenes in that movie.
Romi, peanut M&Ms are the best, hands down!

5 02 2008

Any kind of nuts give me gas. That being said, I posted my answers at home! Kimiam: that guy who wanted to hurt you: SCARY!

5 02 2008
Taoist Biker

Hah! This is awesome. I’m totally going to do this one on my own blog. Huzzah!

5 02 2008
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5 02 2008

Great answers Matt! Did I miss your wife’s list?

5 02 2008

Have you seen the “new color of Valentine’s Day” MnM’s? They’re green! That’s so awesome.

5 02 2008

Betme, she did it. It should be on her page.
Nicki, No I haven’t, but I want to eat them. (all of them)

7 02 2008

#5 reminds me of a bit in one of Kevin James’ stand up routine. He talks about cards and how fake they are and why there aren’t cards that say things like “I’m fat. You’re fat. Let’s meet in the kitchen in 5 minutes.” I love it.

7 02 2008
Pammy Girl

On Sex and the City, Carrie (played by SJP) got dumped via Post-It Note. Now THAT was classy.

In college, my freshman boyfriend informed me one night that he was also dating my roommate. Don’t ask why or how I didn’t already know this. Here’s the kick: he didn’t want to break up with me because he liked us both. He didn’t know how to choose between us. That was pretty much the worst breakup. And how did he know that I broke up with him? I started dating his best friend.

8 02 2008

Matt: Sorry in advance for hijacking your comment section.

Pammy Girl- Even if he won’t admit it, Matt is familiar of every aspect of SATC including who played Carrie and the infamous Post-It incident because he watched every episode with me (and secretly liked them, I’m sure). The Post-It thing was classic. I never did like her with the Post-It guy (drawing a blank on the name…actor was Ron Livingston). Bacon? Burger?

Also, the situation you described reminded me of 90210 when Dylan couldn’t pick between Brenda or Kelly. I think 90210 re-runs might be on TV somewhere, but I don’t want to know because I don’t want to feel compelled to watch that former guilty pleasure.

8 02 2008
Pammy Girl

My bro-in-law denies that he was addicted to ‘Melrose Place’ back in the day but over the Christmas holidays, I was flipping channels and landed on the Soap Network. He popped in and said, “Whatever happened to so and so?” and then he started watching it… 3 hours worth of a Melrose marathon.

And yes… the post-it break up character was named Burger.

8 02 2008
Pammy Girl

It’s a good thing you chose Mary Ann… Ginger hasn’t aged well.

12 02 2008
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