Captain Quirk

30 01 2008

Let it be known that I in NO way believe in or participate in chain letters, dumb email forwards that tell you you’ll make millions if you forward it to just 4,000 of your friends, or signing petitions to try to get Carson Daly off the air. I’m too much of a loner for those types of things. I certainly hate playing phone tag. However, when your own captivating wife tags you, what are you to do but play along?

The rules are:
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
* tag at least 3 people at the end of the post and link to their blogs
* let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

1. I am very, very good at remembering things that I need to take with me to work, or to someone’s house, etc. I do this by stopping and going over mental notes about what I might need at my destination. The kicker is that I don’t ever remember to do this until I’m already out the door or in my car. This results in FREQUENT trips back into the house (or office, or wherever I’m leaving). It annoys those around me and myself.

2. I still really like the rock band, Dokken (still around but most popular in the 80s). When a song of theirs comes on my MP3 player, I mention to my daughter that George Lynch is the best guitarist ever. She (being 2) sounds very cute trying to say George Lynch. I’m guessing she’s the only 2-year-old in the world (not related to George Lynch) who says this.

3. I love overnight talk radio if having a bout of insomnia. I keep the radio and headphones very near my side of the bed.

4. I think a good portion of social work/counseling ideas are crap and not realistic. This wouldn’t be so quirky if I wasn’t a mental health counselor myself.

5. I worry about tsunamis when I go on vacation anywhere near the ocean.

6. I worry about really big tsunamis even when not anywhere near the ocean.

I tag the following (I will NOT be removing any of you from my blogroll if you don’t do this blog):

Molly Mac


Paper Spoons

There are others I like just as much, and if this tag thing ever happens again, you’re next! (Yes, you. Don’t look behind you…I’m talking to you. You, with the keyboard.)




3 responses

31 01 2008

Ahh……..The joy of children is that we can brainwash them. My kids sing Bon Jovi songs, and when prompted will say that they are the best band ever. (except the oldest, he’s starting to stray and sometimes will say Hannah Montana)

Dokken opened for Bon Jovi at a show I went to back in the 90’s. They were okay, I really don’t have alot of patience for opening acts, espically BJ’s opening acts.

2 02 2008

Okay, so even though I’m not the meme kind of chick, why not answer the questions for you right here? (a.k.a that’s what I always do when I get tagged 😉 )

6 Non-Important things/habits/quirks:

1. I would rather drink a cup of poison that a cup of plain warm milk

2. Sometimes I listen to lame power-ballads by songstresses from the 90’s, but no names will be mentioned

3. I have the most annoying baby-voice when I talk to my cat, and if it were ever recorded and played back to anyone who reads my blog and thinks I’m wicked-cool (and yes, that would be all of you), I would be deeply embarrassed.

4. I can watch the same “Learning Channel/Discovery Channel” specials/documentaries on Ancient Egypt over and over and over, with my brain bouncing around in my head in an absolute state of euphoria

5. If I’m eating ice cream in a bowl, I MUST stir it around until it’s a frozen-yogurt-like consistency before I eat it

6. When I watch that Learning Channel show “What Not to Wear”, and the woman comes out from behind the doors to greet her friends after her DRAMATIC fashion/hair makeover, I usually get tears in my eyes from the reactions of friends and family (yes, it’s true)

So there you have, and

PS: anytime anyone mentions “talk radio”, I think of Frasier Crane of the entire movie Sleepless In Seattle, LOL… 😉

4 03 2008

ah! doing this thing is so much more appealing than preparing medical charts… but they must get done… oh the plight of being an adorable secretary

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