Toddler Translations: She Just Wants “Neminems”

23 01 2008

As with any foreign language, it takes some time to pick up the meaning of the sounds uttered by toddlers. Through hard work and diligent research with our own little miracle, I have come to learn the meaning of certain words and phrases. I thought I’d share.

First, I will list the word or phrase that she uses. Then, the real meaning will be revealed.

“Apple Poops” = Corn Pops cereal

“Uh Oh” = I broke something expensive while you were in another room

“I need to go poopy” = I actually already pooped

“I carry you” = You carry me

“The floor is wet” = I peed on the floor

“The floor is yucky” = I vomited on the floor

“WAAHAAAAA!” = You are a bad parent and a moron. How hard is it to figure out what would make me happy?

“I want one more neminems” = I want a whole bunch of M&M’s

“That’s Daddy’s boogers” = That’s Daddy’s face whiskers (5 o’clock shadow)

“You take it” = I have a booger on the end of my finger, and I’m going to place it on your shirt if I can catch you

“I don’t want night-night” = I will scream if you even think about putting me in bed

“I help Daddy cook” = I knock things over and try to get dangerously near the oven

“No…THIS chocolate” = Use chocolate syrup in my milk, not that nutritious chocolate powder stuff

(When being picked up from daycare) “That’s MY Daddy!!” = I love my Dad




9 responses

24 01 2008

I see our daughters speak the same language!

I went to put Katie’s shoes on the other day and noticed that my finger was now sticky. I looked at the shoe…. boogers. Gross. She usually has the finger extended and says ‘booger on my finger’. Sometimes there is no booger which means it’s probably on the floor somewhere OR on her shoe.

24 01 2008

Interesting. They must outgrow the booger dispensing by preschool. I’m SO glad I missed out on that when I worked in childcare.

24 01 2008

Simply delightful. Smiling as I write this comment.

My favorites are:
1. “I carry you”
2. “No! This chocolate” I like this kid she knows what she wants.
3. …of course the last one, “That’s my daddy”… my heart warmed.

You seem like a great dad/family and she is precious. Enjoy every moment!

25 01 2008

Of course the last one is my favorite! She is way cuter than the average kid:) It’s not just your imagination.

25 01 2008

LOL. We were just talking about “neninems” at work this morning.

This sounds just like my youngest son. Sometimes my oldest has to translate for me.

25 01 2008

You forgot one:

“Zoe bit me”= Ijust jumped on the dog and pulled her tail after poking her eye just for fun.

26 01 2008

Jen – I think it’s universal!
Em – Missing the booger phase is good.
Veronica – Thank you! We’re trying to enjoy everything and not take it for granted.
Pama – I agree!
Ally – Neminems rule.
Allison – I almost used that one!

26 01 2008

This is very cute!
Your sweet toddler has not yet discovered that “No!” is the ultimate language of toddlers?
Thanks for the chuckle.

28 01 2008

LOL! My fav is the floor is yucky. My oldest still vomits wherever he happens to be standing at the moment. Never once in 10.5 years has he made it to the toilet.

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